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About Us

In 2001 a webzine was formed by Chris Parke called Parx-e Web Zine out of boredom, slowly but surely lot's of interviews were done and in 2007 Clear Springs Entertainment was formed to take Parx-e Web Zine and Chris Parke love of music more seriously, firstly a record label but then branched out into managing acts, putting on shows and putting together giveaway compilation CD's. In 2015 The Parx-e Show will be launched, an online television show that will feature interviews, reviews, performances and more. This will available to watch on both Youtube and Vimeo. A new giveaway compilation CD is also on the cards, plus running his long running beloved Parx-e Web Zine. The sky is the limit and we are still going strong.

The Parx-e Show

The Parx-e Show is now live featuring interviews musicians and actors. Future episodes will be a lot shorter. Episodes will be available every three weeks.

The Parx-e Show

Giveaway Compilation CD's

We put together giveaway compilation CD's on our website Parx-e Web Zine, our latest being Parx-e Volume 4 which you can get Here.They feature different styles of music and feature independent artists and some times artists with record labels and so on

Parx-e Volume 4